Pele's Way

There is nothing more humbling than to watch Pele burn down the house that you built with your wife, daughters and friends. The way Flow Fest started is that we asked Pele what she wanted and what we heard is that she wanted to be revered and wanted us to honor the aina and all that it has to offer. When she speaks this loudly I believe she is telling us exactly what she wants and is demanding even more reverance. For me it is not time to shy away it is time to humbly stand up and be possessed by her power. To share in the best way that I can her message which is that we are just visitors here. We do not own this earth and we will be discarded if we do not learn to honor Earth power and sacredness.

The song tells the story of our loss, hope and the powerful message we are hearing from Pele. Matt was actually able to use sounds from our very own Fissure 17 and in this way we really feel this collaboration represents at least some part of Pele.

Your offering means so much to us right now. Like Pele we are trying to create new beginnings while the old is being burnt away.

All who donate are invited to download a new song written by Matt Williams and I called "Pele's Way" by following this link:

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